Impact 170: IAS Patrons of 2020 - Patron with Honors

Note: Preliminary analysis suggests that about 60% of people who try Scientology do only a single course or service, that 80% of new members become inactive within 2 years, and that 65% of those who reach the level of Clear become inactive within a year after doing so. The older a list, the more likely that a person listed on it is no longer involved in Scientology.
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The following list appears in Impact 170 [ circa March 2021 ] :

IAS Patrons of 2020 - Patron with Honors

     The Acciani Family
     Al & Deb Adriance
     Ajay Agrawal
     Aldo Airoldi
     Peter & Nancy Alevizos
     Hiroyuki & Saki Arai
     Adi & Alex Arezzini and Sari Halevy
     Omer & Shlomit Azmon
     Patty Baber & Family
     The Baga Family
     John & Saroma Baillie and Family
     The Barron Family
     The Bartlett-Moscaritolo-Sherman Family
     The Beats Family
     Adam Ben Jacob & Mayela Sandoval
     Peter Berg & Family
     Nathan & Kathi Bertman
     The Bianchi Family
     The Blackerby Family
     The Blanpain Family
     Reginald & Elena Bohn
     David & Judith Bolger
     The Bowling Family
     Alda Bonura & Fausto Brambilla
     The Bruning Family
     Jean Bugler & Aaron Rodgers
     Luca & Daniel Calimani and Giusi Gargano
     The Canestrini Family
     The Cantle-Candler Family
     Enea & Samuele Capuano
     Lyn Carlson
     The Ceriani Family
     Jairo & Cheryl Chavez
     Lorie Christie & Jon Heneghan
     Vera Dale & Mike Norvil
     Kate Davis
     Dana & Linda Del Gizzi
     The Demosthenes Family
     The Dennenmoser Family
     Mary Alice DeWitt
     The Edison Family
     Jane &Lee Eichenbaum
     The Epple Family
     Denis & Shani Favre
     Lucia Ferri & Francesco Ventura
     The Flenard Family
     The Fradette-Bourdages Family
     Mark Friedman
     Terry Ann Gamble & Family
     The Cubero Gamboa Family
     Enrique Garces E.
     The Garner Family
     Monica Gil
     Kevin Grenier & Kimberly Umphrey
     The Grübl Family
     Carol Gulasa & Family
     The Haag Family
     The Hasinger Family
     Rainer Hau & Waldemar Feldmann
     The Hirst Family
     The Hoertling Family
     Cyndie & Ken Hoffman
     The Hogarth Family
     The Ihrig, Hedgecock, Wallace & Miller Family
     Michael & Mary Irwin and Family
     Ali Jaffri & Family
     The Jagadics Family
     Alfredo & Kim Johnson
     The Kahrs Family
     The Kamijo Family
     The Kath & Soler Family
     The Kazmierczak Family
     Valeria Khurtina
     Chie Kobayashi
     The Kortbawi Family
     Greg & Rachael Kras
     The Laclaire Family
     The Lan Family
     Terry Le Sueur
     Sylvie Leboeuf & Raymond Soucy
     Martine, Philippe & Paul Letessier
     Antoni, Virginia & Krystyna Louw
     The Magnie & Alessandrini Family
     Tyler, Kalli & Carine Mah
     The Lindbergh-Mäkelä Family
     Silvia & Jörg Malcher
     The Marvenko-Vera Family
     The McLellan Family
     The Mellor-Fleming Family
     Carmen Melnyk
     Randy L. Merrill
     The Meschoulam Family
     The Kevin Meyer Family
     Priscilla Michaels
     The Moffat Family
     Luciana Mordini & Luis Pablo Grillo Mazzitelli
     The Morrison-Karl Family
     Imre Marva & Dr. Dadi Eszter
     The Mossing Family
     Robert Nagy & Nóra Nagy-Koltai
     The Niimura & Nishikawa Family
     Pasquale Novelli
     The Oechslin Family
     Dominic R. Parlatore
     Gabriella Palermo & Patricia Mura
     The Phillips, Foley & Richeson Family
     The Pickering Family
     The Plaskett Family
     The Pohlmann & Willette Family
     Fred Porter
     Betsy Putterman & Carrie Harris
     The Antonella Rana Family
     Mike & June Rees and Family
     David &Abigale Reitze and Family
     The Rekanaty & Gordon Family
     The Rizzardini Family
     The Rogers Family
     The Rubino Family
     Else & Christine Rust
     Donna C. Rybacki
     The Salvia & Battinelli Family
     Wil, Ryann & Porter Seabrook
     The Seaman Family
     The Sembera Family
     Kumiko Shiratori
     Manuela, Joao & Stefanie Soares
     Ritu, Bikram & Erma Sood
     The Stengel Family
     Todd Straugh & Daniela Artunduaga
     The Supple Family
     The Sutter Family
     Robert Syslo Jr.
     The Tare Family
     Vie & Juliana Tipnes
     The Tomita Family
     Eric & Sadie Toohey
     The Trinei Family
     Forrest & Teresa Van Benthuysen
     The Van Nes Barhart Family
     The Vanka Family
     The Vasylyna Family
     The Vaughn Family
     The Verzeroli Family
     Mariela & Daniela Villaverde
     Kim Wang
     Earl Wertheim
     The Whittier Family
     Chris Wong
     Joe & Elisa Yazbeck
     The Randy & Kitrina Young Family
     Werner Zimmermann
     Antonello Cavalieri & Oxana Zubenko

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