Impact 114: Crusaders

Note: Preliminary analysis suggests that about 60% of people who try Scientology do only a single course or service, that 80% of new members become inactive within 2 years, and that 65% of those who reach the level of Clear become inactive within a year after doing so. The older a list, the more likely that a person listed on it is no longer involved in Scientology.
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The following list appears in Impact 114 [ circa September 2006 ] :


     Stephen W. Adams
     Bolat Adilkhanov
     Salvador Aguilera
     Sheila Atwood
     Charlene Ballard
     Kathleen Barnett
     James Barta
     Karla Bartholomew
     Robin Beaman
     Aileen Beltran
     Danny Beltran
     Marion Boesch
     Manon Boileau
     Mario Borrilli
     Robert Boulanger
     Michael Brett
     Garrett Brockert
     Gina Bronsoiler
     Andy Brown
     Birgit Buegemannskemper
     Paloma Callejo Chapado
     Alice Cantoni
     Beatrice Carbonc
     Scott Carrie
     Laura Case
     Debbie Shube Cavallerano
     Liang Kuang Chen
     Hillah Cohen
     Alexis Corey
     James G. Cotey
     Roberto Crepaldi
     Gary Critchley
     Carly Crutchfield
     Alain D'Aragon
     Fritz Demmerle
     Roch DesRosiers
     Tedi Domowicz Duree
     Christian Durocher
     Zhamilya Dzhakisheva
     Gabriele Edelbacher
     Dursun Eliguezel
     Brigittc Emmenecker
     Heiko Ernst
     Pascal Fattori
     Elisa Fazio
     Lucia Fernandez
     Jan Fiala
     Johanna Fiore
     Ellen Firestone
     Daniel Fortin
     Marlene Foss
     Monique Fournier
     Robert Franco
     Loide Frei
     Ariane Frick
     Chris Friend
     Michel Gariepy
     Ellen Lee Garrison
     Janine Gautier
     Dietrich Klaus Gentsch
     Linda Gledhill
     Azeneth Gonzalez
     Anatoliy Goshko
     Paul Goverd
     Michael Hall
     Lissa Hilsee
     Neil Holmes
     Jeans Hsu
     Pao Yun Hsu
     Lindsay Jack
     Ray Khachatorian
     Randall Kilpatrick
     Ming-Chu Ko
     Michael Konjevic
     Andre Kortbawi
     Elizaveta Krasnenkova
     Anna Laino
     Stephen Lane
     Martine Le Gouic
     Olga Lebedeva
     Kuo Chin Lo
     Elizabeth Lofrano
     Michael Lofrano
     Michel Lollichon
     Keiko Macaire
     Nathalie Mage
     Dolores Mangel
     Fabrizio Marioni
     Angela Marra
     Dale Marsh
     Alexandr Maslov
     Kate Mc Clanaghan
     Sigurd S.McClellan
     Ruben Mikkelsen
     Pamela D. Moniz
     France Morency
     Bradford Nestler
     Alana Nogueras
     Meni Nuriel
     Erzhan Nusipov
     Carlos Panthera
     Salvatore Perreca
     Anni Pertiller
     Ernst Pochert
     Udo Pohlmann
     Susan Polnicky
     Gerald Potenza
     Brooke Ramel
     Noah Reuveni
     Ma Guadalupe Reyes
     Gay Ribisi
     Daniela Rodeghero
     Matt Rodeghero
     Flemming Roed- Jeppesen
     Stacey Rukeyser
     Michcle Salinas
     Manuel James Salinas
     Vallinayagam Sankar
     Don Savell
     Torsten Schmelter
     Daniela Seeberger
     Ashley Sheinwald
     Sue A. Swank
     Larry Tabak
     Noelle Talevi
     Kenneth W. Thomas
     Karen Todd
     Mogens Troelsen
     Harold Van Den Berg
     Claus Vecht
     Bartolomeo Verzeroli
     Rebecca Vest-Rhine
     Giuseppe Vitali
     K. Michael Wear
     Anthony Wells
     Hsu Ming Weng
     Gareth Wilde
     Matthew Wright
     Avery Wu
     Fu Yu Yang
     Shih Yu Yeh
     David Zermer

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