Scientology Service Completions - Advance 228 [circa December 2014 ]

Note: Preliminary analysis suggests that about 60% of people who try Scientology do only a single course or service, that 80% of new members become inactive within 2 years, and that 65% of those who reach the level of Clear become inactive within a year after doing so. The older a list, the more likely that a person listed on it is no longer involved in Scientology.
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Advance 228 [ circa December 2014 ]

Quick Stat Snapshot:
132 completions
111 individuals
12 different services

The following list of Scientology service completions appears in Advance 228 [ circa December 2014 ] :


     Johanna Alcala
     Alisha Benson
     Ian Braddock
     Nineeve Draghici
     Laura Fiori Sales
     Marty Gottleib
     Frank Gravitt
     Robert Henricksen
     Peter Kendall
     Gayle Maggi
     Charles Matheny
     Alan Smith
     Patrick Warren


     Lissa Dale
     Ryan Dale
     Leisa Goodman
     Marty Gottlieb
     Russ Hinch
     Kristen King
     Larry Nieman
     Athena Owen
     Tracy Repchuk
     Steve Sanger
     Alan Smith
     Richard Stein


     Ryan Dale
     Lissa Dale
     Trish Groesbeck
     Larry Nieman
     Alan Smith
     Peter Valinsky
     Tracy Repchuk


     Karen Bourke
     Ryan Dale
     Lissa Dale
     Trish Groesbeck
     Barbara Hills
     Scott Oechslin
     Hagit Raviv-Ron
     Gil Richard

GRADE VI (R6EW) [ 2 ]  

     Scott Oechslin
     Frank Trevino

STATE OF CLEAR [ 2 ]  ( STATE OF CLEAR - learn more ) 

     Lauren De Witt
     Nina Tan

NEW OT I [ 4 ]  ( NEW OT I - learn more ) 

     Rose Fanning
     Jamie Fisher
     Helen Kizler
     Gil Richard

OT II [ 5 ]  

     Rose Fanning
     Helen Kizler
     Gil Richard
     Ashlee Koston
     Flamur Syla

OT III [ 5 ]  

     Elyse Arezzini Johnson
     Chris Blackerby
     Nate Middleton
     Justin Mooney
     Patrick Renna

NEW OT IV [ 2 ]  

     Elyse Arezzini Johnson
     Chris Blackerby

NEW OT V [ 11 ]  

     Elyse Arezzini Johnson
     Chris Blackerby
     Liam Darmody
     Jeanette Fenton
     Shon Gregory
     Anne Guerrero
     Kelly Hepburn
     Marsha Knueven
     Andrea Manseau
     Frank Ochoa Jones
     Brian Pool


     Shyam Aiyar
     Penny Ballou
     Katy Blake
     Frank Blakely
     Craig Brockie
     Georgia Clark
     Andrea Costello
     Rod Daniells
     Tom Derrick
     Cheri Didear
     Ashleigh Dowswell
     Debbie Edwards
     Jeff Farrow
     Reynaldo Ferrer
     James Forsyth
     Bob Foss
     Kathy Foster
     Lennie Gershman
     Simone Ghiani
     Leisa Goodman
     Fay Hangdaan
     Kim Healy
     Russ Hinch
     George Hirsch
     Anne Hirsch
     Larry Hughes
     Jud Huntley
     Jim Hutchins
     Cathie Hutchins
     Bill Johonnesson
     Kristen King
     Tina Kinne
     Rik Kinney
     Mark Leverson
     Hans Matthes
     Mark McGovney
     Bernardino Mejia
     Irene Minken
     Peter Monaghan
     Alfredo Moreno
     Dennis Parker
     Bruce Raymond
     Martha Rei
     Sherri Reynolds
     Kee Robinson
     John Ryan
     Dawn Saito
     Dale Samson
     Luis Sandoval
     Hudson Shake
     William Shepler
     Lorie Sola
     Pamela Spaulding
     Jessica Sudalnik
     Leona Valencich
     Zoe Vineyard
     Doug Williams
     Yoshi Wright
     Ron Yoder
     David Zermer
     Norman Zucker

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