Scientology Service Completions - Advance 227 [circa September 2014 ]

Note: Preliminary analysis suggests that about 60% of people who try Scientology do only a single course or service, that 80% of new members become inactive within 2 years, and that 65% of those who reach the level of Clear become inactive within a year after doing so. The older a list, the more likely that a person listed on it is no longer involved in Scientology.
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Advance 227 [ circa September 2014 ]

Quick Stat Snapshot:
153 completions
130 individuals
11 different services

The following list of Scientology service completions appears in Advance 227 [ circa September 2014 ] :


     Elyse Arizzini Johnson
     Spring Austin
     Ingrid Borges
     Chris Coleman
     Lissa Dale
     Ryan Dale
     John Daly
     Jim Ellingson
     Danielle Embry
     Leslie Fox
     Vince Galler
     Sandra Gil
     Rick Hermann
     Ramiro Jimenez
     Alicia Knight
     Jeff Miner
     Richie Onori
     Avalon Petersen
     Istvan Rimaszombati
     Carl Schrader
     Dirk Squire
     Richard Stein
     Todd Supplee
     Rebecca Van Surksum
     Kelly Wecksell
     Kyle Williams
     Jesse Wilson


     Nadine Alauria
     Elyse Arizzini Johnson
     Dan Richardson


     Elyse Arizzini Johnson
     Helen Kizler
     Dan Richardson


     Elyse Arizzini Johnson
     Jamie Fisher
     Helen Kizler

STATE OF CLEAR [ 5 ]  ( STATE OF CLEAR - learn more ) 

     Chris Blackerby
     Rose Fanning
     Rhonda Hedgecock
     Ashlee Koston
     Flamur Syla

NEW OT I [ 5 ]  ( NEW OT I - learn more ) 

     Elyse Arizzini Johnson
     Chris Blackerby
     Ashlee Koston
     Nate Middleton
     Flamur Syla

OT II [ 5 ]  

     Elyse Arizzini Johnson
     Chris Blackerby
     Nate Middleton
     Frank Ochoa Jones
     Patrick Renna

OT III [ 10 ]  

     Liam Darmody
     Ron Ely
     Shon Gregory
     Stephen Hallock
     Torsten Keller
     Marsha Knueven
     Carolyne Neuman
     Frank Ochoa Jones
     Brian Pool
     Aaradona Walker

NEW OT IV [ 8 ]  

     Liam Darmody
     Shon Gregory
     Stephen Hallock
     Kelly Hepburn
     Marsha Knueven
     Frank Ochoa Jones
     Brian Pool
     Aaradona Walker

NEW OT V [ 6 ]  

     Henry Davis
     Lennie Gershman
     Stephen Hallock
     Arin Morfopoulos
     Roger Stodola
     Aaradona Walker


     Sally Abril
     Penny Ballou
     Jason Bartyn
     Jean Bennick
     David Brayfield
     Craig Brockie
     Tom Carroll
     Keith Clark
     Paul Clark
     Robert Cohen
     Ken Coleman
     Gigi Colon
     Carol Cross
     Ingrid Cassady
     Charles Dana
     Steve DePaoli
     Ashleigh Dowswell
     Teri Dunaway
     Ray Edwards
     Steve Eglash
     Ray Farkas
     Jeff Farrow
     Vicky Fayton
     Reynaldo Ferrer
     James Forsyth
     Jonn Frencher
     Kyle Frencher
     Loretta Gardea
     Tom Garvin
     Arthur Gevorkian
     Dave Hall
     Russ Hinch
     Paula Howard
     Vicki Hughes
     Larry Hughes
     Jim Hutchins
     Cathie Hutchins
     Bill Johonnesson
     Rita Keis
     Michelle Kugler
     Mary Ann Langenfeld
     Jennie Langford
     Marivi Lavides
     Mark Leverson
     Odelya Levy
     Carlos Lopez
     Jim Lund
     Ciara MacMahon
     Robert McDonald
     Ron Mercado
     Arin Morfopoulos
     Rick Murken
     Pam Nadeau
     Hilde Oliver
     Orinio Opinaldo
     Marysia Palamarz
     Cliff Perry
     Lou Photos
     Robert M. Puente
     Pavel Replyanski
     Sherri Reynolds
     Paul Rinehart
     Luis Sandoval
     Craig Schillhahn
     Hudson Shake
     William Shepler
     Alan Smith
     Lorie Sola
     Ed Sparks
     David Strawn
     Michelle Supplee
     Pieter Taams
     Russ Tom
     Leona Valencich
     Bob Watson
     Barbara Wiseman
     Darrell Woodall
     Ron Yoder

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