No: 4 UK

April 1984

Editor: Ron Biggs, c/o "Avalon", Cranston Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex

Advanced Ability Levels 6 and 7 now available in the UK

The Advanced Ability Centre, East Grinstead, is now a reality. With the welcome return of Burt Griswold and Steve Bisbey from the AAC, Santa Barbara, where they trained under David Mayo's guidance, all the Advanced Ability Levels, up to and including Level 7, are readily available and at affordable prices!

Upon his return, Steve had this message for the Independent field :-

"Contrary to whatever propaganda may have been put about by certain local organisations, the spirit of Scientology is alive and well in East Grinstead.

"Despite recent attempts to crush this spirit and the individuals propagating it, the independent group in East Grinstead has, in fact, EXPANDED and has even greater capacity to deliver than ever. At the risk of further antagonising those people seemingly determined to 'stamp us out' (and, of course, the subject itself), I feel I must convey to you what we are doing now. We are delivering and will continue to deliver the levels of technology up to and ABOVE the levels of the local org. Furthermore, this is all at a reasonable and affordable price and, of course, does NOT include certain (now infamous) arbitraries which had come to be associated with upper levels.

"We have gone to considerable trouble to make the technology available as standard as possible. To this end, we have aligned ourselves with the most standard sources available at this time - the AAC in the USA, David Mayo's organisation. Whereas there is no legal or managerial affiliation here, we do have a technical quality line with David, together with mutual support.

"The AAC, Santa Barbara, which I recently visited, is the nearest thing I have seen to what I imagined an Ideal Org would be. LRH once said that an Org should be an "Island of Friendliness". The AAC, Santa Barbara, points the way to that reality. AAC, East Grinstead, intends to provide a comparable service, following David Mayo's lead.

"Those people who would seek to thwart us (by now, surely, a minority) can only lose in the long run. They cannot prevail. All services ARE available. We look forward to seeing you."

- Steve Bisbey

Communicate to the AAC, East Grinstead, through Martin Ruston, 1st Floor, Constitutional Buildings, High Street, East Grinstead, West Sussex. Tel: (0342) 27697 during office hours.

Perth Independents thriving

ROGER and SALLY SPIERS, in the UK for a holiday visit, have brought news of the excellent progress of Independent Scientologists in Perth, Western Australia. Eddie Mace's Centre for Personal Enhancement is thriving. Their extensive new premises consist of a pair of semi-detached bungalows, used for the AO, and a modern building so large that there is still very much room left for expansion beyond the existing Reception, offices, public lecture room, LARGE Academy, examiner's room and auditing rooms. There are fitted carpets throughout and the whole building is bright and prosperous looking. (The same unfortunately can't be said of the Church building in Perth which has been waiting, over many years, for the touch of a paint brush. Alas, in vain.)

The key staff at the Centre are: Eddie Mace himself, Marion van der Linde, Executive Director; Betty Mace, Course Supervisor (Day); Marjorie Mace, Course Supervisor (Evening); Bernie Wimbush and John Mace, auditors; Eileen Wimbush, auditor and C/S, Brett Nevill and Trevor Bone, administration. The whole Bridge is available at the Centre.

The Independent field is growing in Australia and New Zealand and the Centre is helping to establish more groups in the field.

Some recent Clears made at the Centre include Jenny Light, Barbara Miles, Richard Barnsley, Diane Hawkins and Craig Hawkins. People who have been stuck for years are suddenly on the move. Sally summed it up when she said, "I didn't believe life could be so easy!"

AAC Video is a key-out

While she was taking high level services at the Advanced Ability Center, Santa Barbara, Shiona Fox-Ness made an excellent video tape to show scientologists around the world the place and the people and to communicate at least something of the marvellous and uplifting, ARC-filled atmosphere found there.

In the video Shiona explores the Center and interviews visitors, auditors and other technical staff, attends a barbeque and a very happy end-of-week wins and completions meeting, and concludes with an interview with David Mayo. Independent Scientologists watching the first UK showing of the video were keyed-out by the experience. It's one thing to hear that there is a centre delivering the whole of the Bridge with superb technical excellence and high ARC, but to SEE it and to share Shiona's chats with wonderfully relaxed, bright-eyed beings, who are so obviously winning as they give and receive the tech, is something else! As David Mayo comments, "You can't copyright the spirit of Scientology."

To feel the ARC which so manifestly pervades the Center is to realize that what we came into Scientology for is once again alive. People are again actually moving, freely and happily, towards their original, high-toned goals. It is plain that the spirit of Scientology is flourishing joyfully in Santa Barbara.

Profile - Burt Griswold

Burt Griswold, Class VIII, has joined the Independent Scientologists, and become a founder member of the Advanced Ability Centre, East Grinstead.

Burt became a Scientologist in 1963 in Honolulu. In 1964 he did auditor training in LA and returned to set up the Honolulu Org.

In 1965, he graduated from the Saint Hill Briefing Course - while Ron was still running the course. Those were exciting days, with the release of Power Processing, the Clearing Course, the Ethics Conditions and the Grade Chart. Burt also trained as a Power auditor and his Power Processing was C/Sed by LRH.

In 1966, Burt was in a group of 50 or 60 scientologists who descended from Saint Hill to attest to the State of Clear. All of them attended a party given by LRH to celebrate the passing of the 100 Clears mark. Burt is Clear Number 111.

In 1968, he did OT Sections I - VI at the original AD in Alicante. ( He is OT III number 112.) In that year he also did the Org Exec Course at Saint Hill and the Class VIII Course in LA. ( He was the 8th graduate from the LA Class VIII Course.)

Burt decided to re-tread the Class VIII Course in 1970. He did both the course and the Interneship at Edinburgh AO - when David Mayo was the CO. Later that year he held the posts of Tech and Qual Sec World Wide.

The Spring of '71 found Burt in New York auditing in the Geltman's franchise. This was an important step for him as it gave him the confidence to set up as a field auditor.

Burt has worked as a field auditor from that time. In 1979, he dis the Class VI ( SHSBC) Interneship and C/S Course, at AOSHUK.

This year, Burt met up with David Mayo again - at the Advanced Ability Center in Santa Barbara. Burt was thoroughly checked out ( and validated!) on his basics and did courses enabling him to C/S up to Advanced Ability Level 3. Whilst there, Burt also trained as an Advanced Ability Level 5 auditor.

Burt was very impressed with the AAC. The terrific willingness to help, the relaxed atmosphere there, the emphasis on the student's ability to DO what he is studying, and the excellent coaching and supervising all add up to making very fine, standard and high-toned auditors.

We wish Burt every success in his next 20 years as a professional auditor!

Message from Candacraig

ROBIN SCOTT of AAC, Candacraig, Scotland, is ( at the time of writing) being held in custody in Copenhagen, Denmark, as a consequence of a charge brought by the Church of Scientology. Robin's wife, Adrienne, has this to say to the Independent field:-

"A message from AAC, Candacraig, to all our friends, both old and new.

Contrary to certain rumours, Robin's current "holiday" has not laid waste our group. The walls of Candacraig stand as firm as ever and the spirit is, if anything, far stronger.

The action taken by Robin and his friends, some months ago, was a strong blow for freedom for us all. We do not intend that that action or the subsequent repercussions should be in vain. I am personally proud of them, very grateful for what they did and extremely proud to be Robin's wife!

Robin is fine and in good spirits as you can see from this quotation from a letter written three days after his arrest and whilst in solitary eoofinement - "I'm ashamed to say that my usual buoyancy and optimism has returned all too quickly! In fact, I have a sneaking suspicion that this whole incident may somehow work out to our advantage in the long run."

As to the group, well we'll let some of the success stories from the past two weeks speak for us:

"Well my entire life changed in the course of a day. My whole reality has just grown and grown. This is the one I've always waited for and if I could have one wish it would be for everyone to do this, now. I feel I can understand everything. Words cannot express what I feel for LRH, only that I will do all I can for his purpose." - V.A. Advanced Ability Level 3 Theory

"Things in my universe are very 'quiet' today. LRH has done it again. He developed the tech that can and will set Man free. What a man, what a technology!" - F.S. Advanced Ability Level 4 completion.

"This amazing Rundown freed me from all the barriers and darkness I was stuck in for a long time. This Rundown opened all the closed doors I never thought I would find and go through. I feel free and my attention is free but my desire now is really to see YOU, my friends, my other dynamics, achieve this freedom, and more, to make us all free and happy once more." - M.B. Advanced Ability Level 5 completion.

There is only one group actively attempting to prevent the standard use of LRH tech by its practices of extortionate pricing, off-policy declares and expulsions and covert and overt use of duress and intimadative tactics.

We are not intimidated!

For me, personally, the biggest wins have come from the numerous messages of concern, support and active help, from allover the world. The Independent movement is united as never before.

My love to you all.

Adrienne Scott.

Expansion at ASK

The Association for Study and Knowledge, run by Eric and Vicky Ballard, is "up and running". The Academy runs from 9 am to 6 pm and 8 pm to 10.30 pm on weekdays. The purpose is to make auditors. Eric and Vicky have the intention to train auditors who will then set up their own groups to train and audit. The availablity of the tech will thus spread throughout the society. Already they have helped to set up such a group in Hurstpierpoint in Sussex.

In addition, there are currently 9 preclears on lines. Vicky reports her pleasure and amazement at the rapid progress she has made, personally, as an auditor. Eric adds that by auditing others every day he and Vicky keep themselves thoroughly keyed out. (For address, see "Connect up here")

A plan to rescue the Church

Long-time Scientologist and former executive staff member, MARK JONES, has a plan for steering the altered Church of Scientology back on to the rails. He is planning to be in England sometime in April. In the meantime, he can be reached at 3400 Ben Lomond Place, 123, Los Angeles, California 90027.

Dissemination win

On Wednesday, 6th March, Eric and Vicky Ballard spoke to about 100 Sixth Formers of St Wilfreds School in Crawley, Sussex on the subject of Scientology. Eric and Vicky, having decided on a policy of no withholds, told of their own personal experiences in the C of S as well as their wins from LRH's technology. They told of the good things that had happened to them and the bad. Well, it seems that Ron was right when he said that getting off withholds improves the communication level. When it came to question time, the Sixth Formers wanted to know more. No, not about the scandals but about the wins to be had in Scientology and the content of the technology.

"What did you gain from Scientology?" Eric said, "For a start, there is no way I would have been able to talk in front of you lot, before Scientology." "How did Ron Hubbard get proof that Man is a spiritual being?" "How do you remember past lives?" "What about the between lives period?" Eric and Vicky said afterwards that their abilities were stretched to the limit in answering some very perceptive questions. The religious education teacher who was their host was very pleased with the talk and found no real contradictions with the Catholic faith in what had been said. Eric and Vicky were warmly thanked by the Headmaster of the school and shared that day's school dinner!

[Code of a Scientologist]

17. To take my share of responsibility for the impact of Scientology upon the world. Code of a Scientologist, 1969

Independent Training Academy news.

Irene Kaye has adopted the above name for her Academy. Originally the academy operated for 3 nights per week but Irene finds it better to keep the hours flexible to suit the varying needs of her students. "Anything can be arranged", she says. Four new students have started recently and Irene reports that she is still receiving enquiries from all over the UK. The supply of training materials has been greatly expanded through the aid of kind supporters.

Mexico revives

Remember the fantastic vigour of Scientology's expansion in Mexico? Needless to say, the success was savagely pulled down by RTC actions but the destruction was temporary. You can't suppress that much survival impulse. AAC's Harvey Haber has returned from a visit to Mexico City to report a surge of activity to restore the delivery of the Tech.

[Repeats from Last Issue]

The following items from the last issue are repeated with some additions.

Short-term Accommodation Needed

As the delivery of services by the Independent Scientologists in the East Grinstead area steps up, there is a growing need to provide accommodation, for short periods, to visitors from out of town and abroad. We ask that anyone who can help in this area to please contact "Reconnection" with details. We want to have a ready answer to this possible barrier to delivery.

Irene Kaye at 120 Queens Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex; Tel: (0342) 313682 is the person to contact you if you can help with accommodation for visitors.

Guidance-for-the-Perplexed Department

Steve Kaye has a collection of tapes and documents which are available to those who are seeking to sort the wheat from the chaff regarding the old Church and its former public and staff, the Independent Scientologists. If you know of someone who is still in a state of bewilderment and doubt about the current situation, put them in touch with Steve who can provide them with the data they need to form their own judgements. Contact Steve at 120 Queens Road, East Grinstead, telephone (0342) 313682.

Since the above appeared, Steve has been contacted by seven people needing his help, including two old friends from Yorkshire. RECONNECTION is important to the field and it's nice to know that your subscriptions are helping others to find their way.

For those in her area, Amorel Allen, 14 Hunter Terrace, Grangetown, Sunderland, Tyne & Weir; Tel:(0783) 655320, will be a contact point.

In general, guidance about these matters is provided by the OT Committees. (see "Connect up here")


The new technology..... Harassment?

Saint Hill, for so long a beacon of hope to scientologists all over the world, has become, under the influence of the RTC, something very, very different.

Far from working for spiritual freedom, a group of Church staff members and their agents are exporting a new product - harassment. It is hard to grasp how thoroughly the Church's original intentions have been twisted inside out. There is still a tendency to disbelieve it, to think "this can't really be happening". But it is. To Harass means "to distress with annoying labour (Dev-T!), care, misfortune; to disturb, worry, torment". Let there be no doubt that that is where the Church's efforts are now directed.

A Summary of four days in March


7pm. Mike Garside and Stephen Bird arrive at Morag Bellmaines's house when she is alone. They want her to sign an admission linking her with Robin Scott of AAC, Candacraig, and his possession of upper level materials. If she signs, they'll "go easy on her". Ron Lawley arrives and evicts Garside and Bird.

10pm. Garside phones Morag, pressing her to sign.

10.30. Garside phones Morag at Jon Atack's house, pressing her to sign.

Midnight. Garside again phones Morag to sign

00.45am. Garside and another accomplice appear at the door to pressure Morag to sign. They are evicted by a supporter.


11 am. An Ethics Officer phones Irene Kaye telling her that "Church officials are coming to inspect the premises".

Later. Someone seeks entry. Irene refuses to open the door.

9pm. Garside waits till he sees Brian Parker leaving his house. He then gains entry and talks to Mo Parker for 3 hours seeking to have her admit that she knows certain things on some affadavits.


11.30pm. Garside phones Morag to get her to sign the admission.

Midnight. Garside phones again. Same thing.

2 am: Garside and an accomplice (Mick Rogers) arrive at Morag's door. They are evicted by Steve Kaye who is working there.

2.30am. Garside and Rogers return to Saint Hill and again telephone Morag, making threats of arrest and extradition.


10pm. A lawyer acting for the Church arrives at Morag's house. Gary Earle vigorously tells him to leave.

During this period a surveillance on the house begins. This features private investigators with cameras parking for hours near the house. ( One such car was an orange Alfa-Romeo, registration number RGW1921, in case anyone is interested)

It is possible that some details in the above are incorrect. That is unimportant. What we see is a heavy attempt to rattle and harass Independent Scientologists, to try to make them feel unsafe and to push them towards contraction of action and beingness. Well, that's not new. Fear, threat and duress have become the coin of the realm for the Church - the same Church which once set out to establish islands of sanity in a turbulent world. The same Church whose Creed states, "We of the Church believe that all men have inalienable rights to conceive, choose, assist and support their own organisations, churches and governments."

In the event, nothing of value for them came of all this expensive effort by the Church. On the contrary, by showing their hand they have alerted and unified the Independent movement in the UK. The morale in the face of this external threat has surged to a new high. The appropriate response in this situation is to OUTCREATE the opposition and that's what we are doing.

[Code of a Scientologist]

1. To keep Scientologists, the Public and the Press accurately informed concerning Scientology, the world of Mental Health and society

Code of a Scientologist, 1969

An old neologism

Although there are those who would rather you didn't use the word "Scientology", they cannot prevent it. It is interesting to learn that the actual word is not new. It first appeared in 1910 in a book called "The New Word" by Allen Upwood. Mr Upwood defined the word as the study of knowledge. The word also appeared in a 1934 German philosophical book in the form of "scientologie".


Up till very recently, most Independent Scientologists were content to sever their connection with the Church of Scientology organisation and to quietly get on with what had been thwarted for so long - their cheerful progress towards spiritual enhancement and betterment in life.

Unhappily, the dying Church, in its desperation, has seen fit to shift from merely blocking the progress of scientologists by prohibitive pricing, misapplication of ethics, etc, to a new tack - that of actively and deliberately reaching out to interfere with individuals and groups who are using Scientology Technology in the field. An active campaign of malicious harassment, legal threat and disruption has been launched by the Church (see elsewhere). The same tactics were used (unsuccessfully) in the USA. Now it is our turn.

Having broken free from the suppressive yoke of the RTC, Independent Scientologists are not about to cease using the technology Ron gave to us. The Church's continued use of threats and force has made it necessary for the Independent field to move from an attitude of "Live and let live" to one of "Live and let die".

It had been assumed that the Church, having gone so far down a wrong path, must inevitably quietly shrivel and fade away. The misjudgement was in the area of "quietly". The demise is being accompanied by an ugly and noisy malevolence. Very well. Unless there is a very great, last-minute internal reform, it appears that it will be necessary to help the Church on its way to oblivion. In this conflict, if one side is to survive, it is better for the future of Mankind that it be the free beings rather than the increasingly fascistic monopoly.

- Ron Biggs


Acting as it sees fit ( or do I mean acting IN a fit?), the C of S has now engaged the second most expensive solicitors in the country and a host of private investigators in an attempt to stop the delivery of scientology services in the field. This culminated in a Writ served upon two prominent East Grinstead scientologist. A legal battle will be fought and it must be heartening for those still unable to recognise the mutation which has occurred within the Church to know that their "donations" for services are being so creatively and humanely invested by the Church's enlightened-Management.

In the above situation, the best support, apart from direct financial aid for legal costs, is for many, many people to come to the AAC, East Grinstead, for scientology services. "Out Create" and "Flourish and Prosper" are the watchwords.

A call for evidence of abuses

As part of the work which has now become imperative to safeguard the future use of Ron's technology in the field, we are gathering evidence of anti-social abuses by the Church of Scientology and its agents.

"Abuses" are those actions which people in general consider anti-social eg physical violence, kidnapping, menacing duress late at night, locking people up without food, forcing people to go for long periods without sleep, etc. What is required is affadavits from individuals as to specific instances. Legal affadavits are preferred but if that proves insurmountable then a clear and specific write-up would be alright. If you do have something to contribute to this effort then please do so. There is considerable importance to all this. Send your material to Jon Atack, "Avalon", Cranston Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex. Thank you.

[Code of a Scientologist]

As a Scientologist I pledge myself to the Code of a Scientologist for the good of all:

4. To decry and do all I can to abolish any and all abuses against life and Mankind.

7. To bring about an atmosphere of safety and security in the field of Mental Health by eradicating its abuses and brutality.

- Code of a Scientologist



It has become apparent to a great many Scientologists that the RTC-run Church's monopoly of Scientology Technology is being abused. Any monopoly carries with it the opportunity and the temptation to use its power to benefit the monopolists at the expense of those they are supposedly serving. There is a widespread conviction that the Church has yielded to that temptation.

In the UK, there exists the Monopolies Commission whose function is to look into restrictive practices, anti-competitiveness and other abuses. The time has come to direct the attention of the Monopolies Commission to the C of S as a necessary step in our campaign to guarantee the freedom of Independent Scientologists to use Ron's gift of his technology, now and in the future.

Please study the points below and do your write-up, as a matter of speed, urgency and importance. Please then send your write-up to Ron Lawley, c/o 52 West Hill, East Grinstead, West Sussex.

Please write up any personal experiences of your own of the following points, for the Monopolies Canmission.

(1) Anything that would prevent, restrict or distort competition in connection with the production or supply of goods or services concerned.

(2) The conduct of a person ( or group) which may constitute anti-competitive practice.

(3) Any consumer trade practices which may adversly affect the interests of consumers.

(4) Misleading customers as to their rights.

(5) Subjecting customers to undue pressure to enter into a consumer transaction.

Outdoor Communication Drill

Protest - The Last Resort

Independent Scientologists marched through the centre of East Grinstead last Sunday, 1st April, in protest against some of the practices of the Church of Scientology.

About fifty people carrying placards demonstrated and drew public attention to the fact that the Church by no means enjoys the unanimous support of active Scientologists. Then followed a three hour picket of Saint Hill Manor, Headquarters of the RTC in the UK.

The weather was cold and snowy, and they were shadowed at all times by camera-carrying Private Detectives employed by the RTC. Nevertheless the marchers displayed high spirits and appeared to enjoy being able to communicate directly with the staff and remaining public of the Church. There was no antagonism on the part of the protesters and many of the people leaving the premises responded with good indicators. Nor did the slogans on the banners and placards resemble any that we are used to seeing at public demonstrations. Some of them read:










During the afternoon, a small delegation entered the grounds of Saint Hill in order to present a written list of demands addressed to the President of the Church. Then came the only event which contrasted with the general mood of the proceedings. They were met by a uniformed representative of the RTC accompanied by the Director of the Church's Department of Information and two Private Detectives who were taking photographs. After the letter was handed over and the delegation were leaving, an incident occurred as the result of which a member of the delegation is now pressing charges of assault against the uniformed RTC officer.

The day ended with more fun at a combined de-briefing and social event for Scientologists at a public hall in the town.

Notable Notary

Whose name on the bottom line?

In the case involving the RTC and the Church of Scio Logos, which is currently in progress in Omaha, Nebraska, much hangs upon the authenticity of the signatures of L Ron Hubbard which appear upon the documents transferring the ownership of the "trademarks" from LRH to the R.T.C.

In another case, the RTC et al versus Larry West, the Reformed Church of Scientology et al in California, the Defendants have been pressing for some time that the RTC reveal the identity of the Notary Public whose official seal and signature had been blanked out from those very same Assignment Agreements. On 26th March this year the RTC was obliged to provide this information.

Who was the neutral and legal witness who with due solemnity committed his name and reputation on that fateful day in May 1982? - none other than DAVID MISCAVIGE!

Readers may remember that David was an Incorporator of the RTC itself - and its main beneficiary.

How long will this hectic pace be maintained? Each day adds a new piece to the jigsaw and the picture is rapidly taking definite shape.

A very well done to Larry West!


Church of Scientology Public Affairs Officer Mike Garside fielded questions put by members of the public when he appeared on Laurence Spicer's LBC Radio Phone-in programme "After Eight", last Sunday, 1st April. Listeners with any knowledge of the subject held their breath as he picked his way through a minefield of potentially explosive topics. These included exorbitant prices, confidentiality of counselling records, the employment of Private Investigators by the Church, the monopoly of the philosophy, attacks on independent groups and the purity of the tech. The one which finally exploded under him, however, was DISCONNECTION.

Here is the action replay:-

George (the questioner): I was wondering why the Church has brought back a policy of Disconnection which Mr Hubbard decided wasn't a good idea because it was being misapplied?

Laurence Spicer (the presenter): What is disconnection? please fill me in.

George: Someone who has been declared a Suppressive Person by the Church should no longer - well, anybody in the Church should no longer be connected with that person - whether it's family or friends or whatever.

Mike Garside: OK, What we're really talking about - without wishing to get too technical for the benefit of probably most of the people who are listening - and I do think, you know, that you have a bit of an axe to grind on this situation - but I think its only reasonable to allow that if people are, for example, stealing scriptures from the Church then you, you know, wouldn't exactly invite them back into your living room.

Laurence: Mike, what is stealing a scripture from the Church? Does this mean a physical thing or what?

Mike: I am talking about the theft from Denmark.

Lawrence: Oh, I see.

George: I was talking about the hundreds of people before that incident. I agree that someone should be allowed not to talk to someone if they don't want to. I disagree with the Church saying to a person: you should not associate with someone else because he's no longer in agreement with our aims, and so you should stop your communication with him.

Laurence: Do you, in fact, do that?

Mike: Well, I think you really need to look at the actual policy of the Church on the matter and - er - really - er - the - er -

Laurence: Come on Mike. Tell us. What is the policy of the Church in the matter? Do you or do you not tell your people not to associate with those who have broken away?

Mike: What we say is that if somebody's survival is being threatened by someone they are associated with then it's probably a good idea for them to keep cool on it and to steer clear of them for a while.

Laurence: Are they being keeping very cool of you George?

George: Well, yes. But their policy from what I've read is not that it should be a "good idea" but that, if they don't, they themselves will be declared a Suppressive Person.

Laurence: True or false Mike? Last word on that.

Mike: I think really, there, the basic charge is false.

For the benefit of Mike Garside, who really should be more informed on these matters, the policy of forced disconnection was re-introduced by HCOB "PTSness and Disconnection" 10th Sept 1983.

However, as a trained Church PR official, he must surely have come across the warning to be found in HCO PL 13 August 1970, PR Series 2, "The Missing Ingredient":

"The more lies you use in PR the more likely it is that PR will recoil.

"Thus the law



Letters to the Editor

"In my view, we need a British Congress. I know you had an open meeting down there in Sussex some months ago, but a great many more people have become free Scientologists since then, the independent movement has developed further, and I feel we should celebrate our freedom and get to know one another.

"...A guideline of purposes for the Congress could be written in RECONNECTION. But anyone attending it would be entitled to define in advance his/her own purposes. Thus, the actual purposes for the Congress could be formulated. However these would not be adhered to so rigidly that they excluded discussion of other, positive topics."

(Editor: Let's have some feedback on this from other Independent Scientologists. As I said in the last issue, we are in the "honeymoon period" now. There will come the time when we need to decide together the directions we wish to take. A Congress could be very beneficial to us all.)

"Thank you for the Newsletter. I enclose a contribution towards the cost of it .... At last the truth will be known." MBR

"Many thanks for the recent copy of RECONNECTION No 3. It was really good, interesting, theta reading. Please find, enclosed, a cheque for 12 for a year's subscription.

"Here's a suggestion for the magasine. How about a 'For Sale/Wanted' section whereby people in the field can exchange tech at reasonable prices, eg books, meters, tapes, etc. This would help to overcome the problem of C of S high prices for these products." M & PF

(Editor: an excellent suggestion.

"After reading RECONNECTION, I have experienced certain emotions of joy - and tears when I realised the overts against our Founder, LRH.

"Thank goodness that you and your friends have seen that all is not well in the present RTC Church.

"I would very much like to reconnect... I have not gone very far but am willing to start again. " REM

We fearlessly print the following on request:-

"I have not, and will not resign from the Church. This decision has been made completely self-determinedly and under no duress or pressure whatsoever. I will be continuing to deliver and maintain standard tech in my area, within the Church structure, and do not support the Independent movement." Dave, Teignmouth, Devon.

(Editor: This is fine, but I just wonder how long Dave will be able to deliver Standard Tech within the Church structure. )

"To those in need, I'm always ready to offer my help. I'm a qualified minister and I offer the following services: counselling with Book One, Volunteer Minister's Handbook, Introductory and Demonstration Processes and Assists Pack. Also facilities for Basic Books study.

Tel (0342) 714323, most times." Derek Toombs

Subscription ball starts rolling

Thank you to those of you have sent in your 12 subscription to support "Reconnection". For those of you who haven't got round to it yet, we do ask for your support because we believe that the newsletter is vital as a lifeline, as a unifying agent for the Independent field and a forum for ideas that need to be expressed. Besides, it's nice to know what's going on, isn't it? We don't want to be too solemn about all this but goodwill, alone, may not be enough to ensure continued publication. Your subscription, on the other hand, will. Thanks!


Up till now "Reconnection" has been supported by donations from the Field. Your financial support is vital in keeping this comm line open. Many people have been asking what donation they should make. From now on, "Reconnection" will be published monthly and it has been agreed that a subscription of 12 per year would be fair. This subscription will guarantee your own copy and will support the work of making "Reconnection" widely available. Please make your cheques payable to the OT Committee UK.


Here are some more light-hearted definitions from AAC, Santa Barbara:

Case Gain: An increase in ability to withhold.

Condition of Ostrich: Recently discovered Ethics condition having the formula - Find out where your head is.

Integrity: That which one must relinquish in exchange for freedom.

Squirrel: Originally a furry little friend. Later added connotation - one who alters the tech. Latest connotation - one who preserves the tech in case of famine.

Not quite the reaction they had hoped for

Eric Barnes from San Francisco has a nice line in outraged invective. He was understandably annoyed to receive entheta mail from the "Stamp Out Squirrels Committee" and let fly in a letter back to them. Here is part of it:-


I address you people thusly because your communication to me does not state who any of you are. NON NAMES = NO TERMINALS = NO REPONSIBILITY.

I can understand fully, however, why you did not wish to put your names to such scurrilous drivel. It is slanderous, poorly written, illogical and full of generalities, unsubstantiated implications, and undocumented accusations. In addition, you lie a lot.

Your obvious church-backed attacks on David Mayo are truly fascinating. That such non-persons as the Stamp Out Squirrel Committee, all of whom I would surmise have contributed little in the way of useful statistics to anyone, should anonymously attack a man whose proven contributions to Scientology have been a shining list to tech seekers for years, is truly appalling.

I have not as yet had the pleasure of meeting Mr Mayo. However, your blatant and unsupported accusations against him have truly whetted my curiousity. I figure that if you're "after" him so badly so as to waste so much money, time and postage, he must be producing a wonderful product to create so much fear in your non-minds.

So I, like many others, will now make the effort to seek out Mr Mayo and investigate for myself just what his real product is. I have a strong intuitive feeling that I'm going to like what I find. After all, if he's been expelled by the likes of the Stamp Out Squirrels Committee, he must have a lot going for him.

Is "1984" their textbook?

Org staff members who have mistakenly remained loyal to the Church are being treated with blatant cynicism and contempt by their "betters".

At a recent Saint Hill briefing to staff, it was stated that:-

(a) Morag Bellmaine of AAC, East Grinstead, was a CIA agent (b) Morag had fled to the USA (c) Marie-SylviePatterson isan alcoholic (d) Martin Ruston has an incurable disease. This follows the same tired old formula which invented a brain tumour for David Mayo and a heart attack for Jon Atack and which had Shiona Fox-Ness as a CIA plant,etc,etc. What is appalling, though,' is that whoever gave that briefing must have done so with the attitude that the loyal staff were poor dupes and in the knowledge that they were deliberately feeding them LIES. The "proles" in George Orwell's "1984" would see nothing unusual in this and would feel quite at home with this cynical manipulation of "information" for the rank and file underlings.


Propaganda by re-definition of words

Some months ago, Sunderland scientologist, Gavin Stott pointed out some of the re-definitions of scientology words by the current Church propagandists. I asked Gavin to write an article for "Reconnection". He didn't. So I am doing it.

The LRH reference is PR Series 12 Policy Letter. I recommend a thorough re-reading of this to understand the objectives of the re-definers.

Recently we have heard much use of the word "squirrel", and several people have told me that it is synonymous with "splinter". Therefore a splinter group IS a squirrel group. As yet no-one has managed to demonstrate this to me either with definitions or in practice. In fact, I've received more standard Scientology in a splinter group than I did in the Church.

Next the word "Blow". This has been re-defined to mean "depart". Thusly, anyone who has left the C of S has "blown". Not so. A blow is a "sudden and relatively unexplained" departure (HCOB Dec 59 "Blow Offs" ). I think that Independent Scientologists have mostly explained their departure! I began by petitioning against illegal pricing (see HCOPL 23 Sept 64, in OEC vol 2) and the illegal declare of my close friend Ira Chaleff ( see HCOPL 2 June 65 in OEC vol 1) months before resigning. Sudden?

This re-definition of the word "blow" leads to the inevitable statement that Independents "have overts" and the idea that our data about the Church is "natter". Easy generalities - harder, it seems, for the Church to document.

An "HCOB" was issued on 23 Oct 83, which redefines "overt" and in essence re-introduces the Fair Game Law. Something ventured against an "enemy of the group" is not an overt! The Tech dictionary gives us a different view: defn 2, an intentionally committed hannful act committed in an effort to resolve a problem; and defn 3, that thing which you do which you aren't willing to have happen to you. Both of these definitions are genuine LRH. They aren't in an "HCOB" initialled "PM" (probably Phoebe Mauerer).

I hope that this helps to clarify the situation, and makes us a little more careful of this subject. By the way, the re-definition of Scientology words is squirrel - see the Tech Dictionary on altering Scientology!

Over the hills and far away.

Recently I received a postcard from an English Independent who's had the good sense to remove himself from RTC's current attacks. He's in a country which hasn't heard of Scientology - let alone the RTG. He wrote to tell us that he had 120 students on the Basic Study Manual. Roll on the day when we can all get back to such production!

Shylock and the pound of flesh

Over the last few years, I've heard several alarming stories of Church support of moneylending at usurious rates. The ability to repay impossible amounts of money is not listed as the EP of any Scientology service that I know of ( and I'm a NOTS OT). If you've been pressured into a loan at unusual interest, please write it up for us. We may be able to help.


In a Flag Order, "Zones of Action" ( FO 1890, 26 March 1969), LRH defines quackery as "the actions of selling service and refusing refund of the fee if the customer isn't satisfied."

At the moment, considerable difficulty is being experienced in obtaining repayments of unused monies in Church accounts. I know of no-one in the UK who has received repayment by following the Church routing form. Of claims entered for nearly 100,000 in the UK, the Church has only repaid 840 that I know of, and this was obtained only after legal action was taken.

The Church might also bear in mind LRH's statement from HCOPL 26 Oct 75 ( which is quoted in the "confidential" Int Finance Dictator Scn Policy Directive 24 of 28 July 82): " if you take a look at your GI/CGI graph and find it has too wide a gap, if you take a look at your refund requests, and if you find ANY reasonable gap and if you find ANY requests for refunds, you had better get cracking before you drown in ARC broken field!"

- Jon Atack

Getting your money back

Independent Scientologists are advised to follow a simple procedure, with the aid of their nearest Small Claims Court, to recover monies paid into any UK C of S Org but as yet unused. Your library or Citizen's Advice Bureau will help you to find the appropriate office. In East Grinstead, the Small Claims Court is located in East Court Park, to the side of the Police Station. The court handles claims up to 5000.

Resign then resume

People who have resigned from the old Church have taken the first step to resuming their progress. The next step is to do something with the tech, either training or processing, either giving or receiving, in the independent field. The tech WORKS. It works anywhere. It works in someone's living room, in a local hall, in an office or full set-up Centre. All that is needed is to do it and make the discovery that Ron's tech is OURS, to use for the wonderful purpose we all wanted when we first encountered Dianetics and Scientology.

The alteration and souring of the Church of Scientology during the last few years has had the effect of stopping the forward progress of too many Scientologists. Too many have found it best to "lay low", to wait for things to get better, to relinquish their original dreams and generally cease to do anything in Scientology. It is easy to see how this came about but what we don't want is for this state to continue. To wait is not very causative!

All who have left the Church or who have decided tokeep a low profile "for the time being" were originally fired by high dreams. The dreams are still there. All we need to do is set aside the blunting of purposes which happened along the way, recover the dreams, and get on with what we wanted to do in the first place. Good luck!

How it's meant to be

Adding weight to Steve Bisbey's comments in Reconnection 2, JOHN MACE writes from Perth, Western Australia, about the rapidity of case progress in the Independent field. "On the subject of suppression, it is really amazing how the pc's fly now they are free of the Church. In all my time on training at Saint Hill, I have never seen pc's making such progress and gains as they are at our Centre. Standard Tech and a very safe environment really work miracles."

Come in out of the cold

A Boland noted something interesting in PAB 39, 12 Nov 1954, where Ron wrote, in connection with the Auditor's Code, "It combines the arduously won experiences collected during 4 years from the practices of 3,000 auditors. So, 3,000 auditors, eh? Anne wondered "where are they now?" Well, they are somewhere, with their original purposes blunted. But they don't need to stay that way. An inspiring resurgence is happening, today, in the broad Scientology field.

Time and again now, one hears of preclears in the field who have been delighted with their own gains and who have decided to train as auditors so that they can do the same for others. Repeatedly, one hears of people who have been "lying low" for years and who have suddenly realised that lightness, fun and ARC are back. The stress has gone and it's okay to be an auditor again. Old timers have been recalling affectionately how it used to be and the message to them is - it can be again!


Maybe "Reconnection" should be called "Revival". We are here to spread the news that Scientology is once again readily available. Here are some extracts from letters which communicate the excitement of this revival.

"I am so excited about the adventure of freely practising Scientology as an Independent Scientologist. The restored freedom and high purpose for myself and others is thrilling. Life is fun, worthwhile; a great game .... Beings who are helped to free their capabilities through the magic of Scientology, well-applied, generally become quite creative and naturally start thinking how they can apply this good stuff to their work, home, etc. They become independent creators, and, if allowed to do so, spread Scientology like wildfire through their areas of influence .... Have a great time freeing beings! Have fun helping others! That is, after all, what Scientology is all about, isn't it?" - Penelope Smith, Class IV Auditor at the Revitalization Center, California.

"When I first went to London Org, I was bowled over by the people. It was the night the current building was opened. The people were alight with enjoyment. There was so much ARC it was irresistable. In six months I was on staff. A game was being played for the pleasure of it. Services were cheap, staff were poor, but who cared? One could audit and people made gains. It was exciting.

"As for what may have happened in between then and now, who cares? The original experience is with us again. Hundreds of people are now free to work for each other to disseminate, to audit and to help each other pass on the tech to new people. Is it exciting, enjoyable, worthwhile? Ask some of the people involved." - K Boland, East Grinstead.



I'm Wee Willie Winkle
An Org OT
I'm big and bold
And brave and free
There's not a thing I can't do or be
If I just get permission from the RTC.

I'm Wee Willie Winkle
An Org OT
My willpower is
As strong as strong can be
Why, I once went six days without a pee
I was waiting for permission from the RTC

I'm Wee Willie Winkle
A Org OT
I'm true to my friends
As true can be
But I'll cut all comm instantly!
If I haven't permission from the RTC.

I'm Wee Willie Winkle
An Org OT
My girl Wilma
Said to me
A masterful change I detect in thee
I know what you want! And it's OK with me
But have you got permission from the RTC?

I'm Well Willie Winkle
An Org OT
I love mankind naturally
But I can't help
They're all wogs you see
I have it on the word of the RTC.

I'm Wee Willie Winkle
An Org OT
I have these powers
On land and sea
But the dog next door doesn't agree
He sank his fangs
And tore a strip off me
He'd never heard of the RTC.

I'm Wee Willie Winkle
An Org OT
When I joined the Church
They said to me
Of all mest you'll soon be free
They were right. Last week I filed for bankruptcy.
With a lot of help, from the RTC.

I'm Wee Willie Winkle
An Org OT
And you too
Can be just like me
If you bow and scrape
And beg on bended knee
For a "licence to survive" from the RTC.

Dave Levater, Perth, Australia.

Wishful thinking again

Somebody seems to be under the impression that "wishing will make it so". The latest to be struck down, in somebody's universe, with an imaginary malady, is Jon Atack. According to a story current at Saint Hill, Jon is in hospital with a heart attack. Pity no-one thought to get Jon's agreement to have a seizure; the nearest Jon got to a heart attack was from laughter upon learning of his "hospitalisation" !

(Editor. To tell the truth, I'm a little hurt to have been overlooked in this new form of Honours List. I should have thought that I warranted an invented disease or two. Oh well, can't have everything, I suppose.)


It may be that we will cease printing the resignations we hear of. It seems reasonable to suppose that more and more people will be resigning from the Church as time goes on. In a sense, it will no longer be "news". What we are interested in is all the creative and progessive things that the newly free Scientologists are doing now that they are in the Independent field. Here are some resignations not previously printed. Vernon Hope, Nancy Hope, Amorel Allen, Eamon Liston, Irene Kaye, Steve Kaye, Cherry Hope, Mel Smith, Gordon Walker, Karel Cameron, Emma Mitchell, Patrick Tedman, Linda Tedman, Doug Dooner.

Jon Zegal's latest tape

Jon Zegal has produced a new tape which covers the following:- a summary of Church history to demystify the locations of the Flag ship, the Church's headquarters and where LRH has been living during the past 15 years; key moments in the Church's history ( ie those moments which led to the take over of the Church by the RTC), something of the background of David Miscavige and Pat and Annie Broker, and a look at the "statistics" and statements made on RJ38.

He concludes with a few words about his own decision to resign from the Church. "It was based on the Axiom that Intelligence is the ability to evaluate relative importances. If you take a look at the technology of Scientology, including both the red on white and green on white, and you compare that in importance to how important the Organisation is - I came to the conclusion that the technology was hundreds and hundreds of times more important than the Organisation.

"If you have the technology you can build any kind of organisation you want. I took a look at the current Management and realised that, with Gang Bang 'Sec Checks', with alterations of the Bridge and the technology we've known so well for so many years, that the current management was willing to sacrifice the Technology in order to save the Organisation. I'm not. I'm willing to sacrifice the Organisation in order to save the Technology. Over the decades, over the millenia, we'll see who made the right choice."

Copies of the above tape are available from Steve Kaye (see "Guidance for tbe perplexed dept.") at 1.50, including postage and packaging. Steve can also supply copies, at the same price,of a collection of 4 of David Mayo's Sunday afternoon talks given at the AAC, Santa Barbara.

Get togethers are popular

In this unique period when more and more Scientologists are achieving their freedom to progress in the Independent field, regular meetings are proving a popular way of getting a "theta boost" from fellow scientologists. The Friday night meetings of East Grinstead's Independent Scientologists are a fine way to end the week with an infusion of theta, hopes and ideas. Wherever you are, try to gather a group together and meet regularly. It's just that bit harder when you're alone and so much better when you're part of a pro-survival group. If you don't know of Independent Scientologists in your area, write to "Reconnection" and we'll see if we can put you in touch with people where you live. JOYCE BARNES, 2 The Close, Copyhold Road, East Grinstead. Tel:(0342) 312949 is very willing to help and advise in the setting up and running of your own local meetings.


Paul Franklin (tel (0342) 25734) would like to hear from anyone who has anything by LRH or Mary Sue on nutrition.


From the Personal Efficiency Center, Riverside, California:-

Advanced Level III

"The importance of doing this level cannot be over estimated, I finally feel as if I am in complete control over my life for the first time in a long while." - JG

It is incredible what this level handles. I am truly operating as a thetan and all I want to do is try new things and do new things I never had the confront to do." - JP

Advanced Level II

"This is a big point in my life. I just keep getting stronger and stronger. Get on with it guys. There's everything you've ever dreamed on at your fingertips." -BM

Relief Rundown

"I feel extra good. Lots of ARC for myself and others. Everything seems to be going perfectly and I feel more powerful. Thanks to my wonderful auditor, Merrill Mayo and the C/S and LRH. - SK


From the Centre for Personal Enhancement, Perth. Western Australia: -

Happiness Rundown

"Shortly after I began this action I remembered a phrase from the Bible - "the years the locust ate" - and at the same time I felt that I was being given back the years that the locust ate.

By great good fortune I have been studying the Personal Ethics and Integrity Course at the same time as my auditing has been progressing. I have found out just how twisted the concepts can get that a person has on morals. I have been blaming myself for actions which were quite ethical. That's over now.

I didn't know it was possible to blow so much charge in one rundown.

Thank you to those people of high courage who made this Centre and the auditing possible. Thank you Bernie for magnificent auditing. Thank you Ron once more for your tech.

I am beginning to know what it is like to live in eternity. Love, Mike Kelly.

Student Study Course

I had good fun doing this course. I feel great having finished it. I learnt lots of things about studying. When I apply what I have learnt at school I find that just I minute of looking up a word is faster than trying to read fast through my work without understanding a word of it. It is great learning what I'm meant to learn.

When I use the study tech it feels brilliant too.

Now I know why I get puzzled sometimes when I'm learning and the main thing is I KNOW what to do when I'm puzzled. L. Wilkinson. (aged 12 years)

From AAC, Santa Barbara:-

Advanced Level IV

This level accomplished with superlative precision the ending of drug restimulation. I feel very alive and perceptive, revitalized and exhilerated. Drug effects are gone; I have no inclination to take any drug for any reason in the future. Hearty thanks to Ken for the splendid auditing, truly the best I've ever experienced, and to David for putting the Bridge here with the highest technical standards for us all. Love, Adrienne Jackson."

[expelled Sea Org members]

Look at the calibre of the people the C of S is throwing out:-

"I got hold of your No 2 UK RECONNECTION. This, with a few other issues about Scientology Management were sent to me and my wife from LA ... I was in the SO for 5 1/2 years at AOSH Copenhagen; NOT's Auditor and Qual Sec before we left. My wife was in the SO for 5 1/2 years at CCLA then transferred to AOSH Copenhagen. She is Class VI, old OT5 and has been a C/S for the last 7 years.

"Do you have any data about the situation in Switzerland or the forming of new groups here or connecting up?" AS

(Editor: Independent Scientologists in Switzerland are invited to make themselves known to RECONNECTION so that AS and his wife can associate themselves with you.)

[71-year-old reader]

From a 71 year old reader:-

"I find that there is much in the way that Scientology is run these days that is not to my liking. Above all I feel that ... individualism and humanity have been lost and the demand for conformity has banished the ideas of true freedom.

"After what I felt was an unjustified Ethics action with which I decided not to comply, I left Saint Hill ... and like others, I felt a wonderful sense of relief that has been with me ever since.

"I should like to continue to receive RECONNECTION as I feel that you are handling Scientology in the way that appeals to me. I particularly like the offering of services at reasonable prices. Please accept the enclosed cheque to help you in your work." LD



The Journal of the Advanced Ability Centre, 1187 Coast Village Road 1, Santa Barbara, CA 93108, USA

Change of Viewpoint - Martin Price, 2087 Grand Canal Blvd. 2, Stockton, CA 95207, USA

Dianetic Journal Notes, CABA [sic - CADA?], 4921 Quincy St San Diego CA 92109, USA

Nexus News - Bill & Connie Hamilton, PO Box 11177, Glendale, CA 91206, USA

Phoenix Report - 215 N. Adams St, Glendale, CA 91206, USA

Mark Jones - 3400 Ben Lomond Place, Site 123 Los Angeles CA 90027, USA.


Independent Training Academy, 120 Queens Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex. Tel:(0342) 313682.

K and A Boland, 16 Blackwell Farm Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex. Tel: (0342) 22731.

EG Independent AO, 52 West Hill, East Grinstead, West Sussex

ASK-Association for Study ana Knowledge. 21 Wellington Close, Pound Hill, Crawley, West Sussex

Jay and Pam Hurwitz Academy, Knowle Corner, Sharpthorne, West Sussex

Elite Services Organisation, Postal Clearing Office, 2 Harcourt Road, Redlands, Bristol BS6 7RG.

Mike Lawley's Academy, London Telephone 01-567 6525

Advanced Ability Centre Scotland, Candacraig, Strathdon, Aberdeenshire.

European Groups:

Contact: Carol Kanda, Theta International, Sct Pauls Plads 3, 1314 Kobenhaven K, Denmark for general information Contact: Capt. Bill Robertson, Chairman, OT Committee WW, Lista de Correos, Mostoles, Madrid, Spain, for information on Spanish groups

American Groups:

Revitalization Center (Valerie Stansfield Cl 7 & 9), 1050 Maple Street, Burbank, CA 91505

The Clear Center (Jon and Vivien Zegel, both Cl 6) 215 N. Adams St, Glendale, CA 91206.

Advanced Ability Center (David Mayo, Cl 12) Site 243, 1187 Coast Village Road 1, Santa Barbara, CA 93108

Survival Services Incorporated (Russ Meadows, Cl 12) 1670 South Elkhart St, Aurora, Colorado 80012

Lloyd and Thea Greenbery (Cl 8 & Cl 6), 1560 Meadowbrook Road, Alta Sera, CA 91001

Personal Efficiency Center (Merrill Mayo Cl 12) 3485 University Ave, Riverside, CA 92501

Center for Advancement of Human Potential, 5016 California Street, Omaha, Nebraska

Center for Personal Achievement, 2087 Grand Canal Blvd, Stockton, CA 95207

Reformed Church of San Diego (Larry West Cl 8), 4921 Quincy St, San Diego, CA 92109

Kingsley Wimbush (FEBC), 3024 Neal Ave, San Jose, CA 95128

Enid Vier [sic - Vien?], 1838 Fullerton Ave, Costa Mesa, CA

There are many other US groups - contact either CADA or the Phoenix Report for further data.

Australian Groups

Centre for Personal Enhancement, 29 Norma Road, Myaree, 6154. West Australia

Mary Jo Thomas (Cl 6) 10/8 Wyatt Ave, Burwood 2134, Burwood, Australia

OT Committees

London: Julian Bell (on NOTs), 4 Chase Mansions, Gondor Gardens, West Hampstead, London N6 lHA

East Grinstead: Steve Kaye (on NOTs), 120 Queens Road, East Grinstead

Plymouth: Michelle Brown (new OT IV) 7 Whitleigh Avenue, Crown Hill, Plymouth

Scotland: Robin Scott (OT III), Candacraig, Strathdon, Aberdeenshire

AAC communication relay point for the UK and Europe:

Martin Ruston, 1st Floor, Constitutional Buildings, High Street, East Grinstead, West Sussex, telephone (0342) 27697 during office hours