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Number 2 UK

February 1984

Editor: Jon Atack, Avalon, Cranston Rd., EAST GRINSTEAD, West Sussex, RH19 3HG, UK.

"The ultimate product of Scientology is a universe that is happy and decent to live in." LRH, Scientology Basic Staff Hat Book.

We should have our own group. Let's call ourselves Independent Scientologists. We can just be a group of friends who use the technology. No rules, just self-determined beings in a democratic association with no authority, just a sense of fun, and a desire to better society. I'm tired of lists of declares and lists of resignations, and people getting caught up in fighting rather than just Clearing. Let's print lists of members, and when we've enough members we can decide what we want our group to do. No membership fees, and no contracts. If you want to join, write to me.
Jon Atack.

"Affinity manifests itself as the recognition of similarity of efforts and goals." LRH, Dianetic Axiom 112.

"I have never seen wisdom do any good kept to oneself." LRH, The Goal of Training.

One E.G. Independent Group's Price List

Lower level auditing, 12.5 hours 350
Solo course (new), parts 1+2 600
Solo, part 2 only 150
Solo course (old, LRH checksheet) 400
Advanced level 1 140
Advanced level 2 540
Advanced level 3 740
(Price of Advanced levels 1-3 includes one hours review per level - returned if unused.)Advanced level 4, 12.5 hours 500
Advanced level 5, 12.5 hours 600

Review Auditing:
Lower level, per hour 30
Advanced level 1-3, per hour 40
Advanced level 4, per hour 50
Advanced level 5, per hour 60

Solo part 2 - Advanced level 3 1430
New Solo - Advanced level 3 1820
Old Solo - Advanced level 3 1620

"I know no man who has any monopoly upon the wisdom of this universe. It belongs to those who can use it to help themselves and others." LRH, "My Philosophy."

A note from the C\S:

Dear Scientologists,

I have been invited by the chairman of the OT Committee to write something in this issue of the Newsletter. I thought I'd take this opportunity to communicate to you what I consider to be some interesting observations.

As you may or may not know I have been active as a C\S in the field delivering a wide range of services for some months now.

With Morag Bellmaine and Ron Lawley as part of the team we have produced excellent


results in the great majority of cases. These results were better than I expected and putting it conservatively compare very favourably with a certain other "official" org's products. Given the disadvantages of auditing in the field with limited resources I was curious as to why this was so.

The official orgs have in fact lost the bridge, not because they are poorly trained, not because the Auditors and C\Ses do not know their business. In my opinion, based on my own observations, they have lost the bridge because:

1. Auditors and C\Ses have become more and more PTS to a Suppressive management (a situation by the way which is not new. That's why there are so few Auditors and C\Ses around.) "In the presence of suppression one makes mistakes." HCOB 12 March 68 MISTAKES THE ANATOMY OF.

I applaud the efforts of these auditors and C\Ses who, despite the suppression are in most cases still trying to free people.

2. This one's obvious. A large number of Pcs and Pre OTs have actually been denied the bridge and in many cases, when they have paid for it! I have noticed that a significant proportion of these are in the Non Interference Area where according to a recent issue they are at risk. It is not only ridiculous and off policy pricing to blame but blatant misapplication and disregard of LRH's Ethics and Justice Policy. How can no auditing be justified? After all HCOB 24 Jan 77 TECH CORRECTION ROUNDUP says: "People do not sufficiently consider no auditing as the most basic failure of cases. It seems so "of course" that it gets entirely overlooked yet it can cause a great deal of trouble."

3. The Pcs and Pre OTs on Org lines are not themselves in a position to get good case gain - unless they are angels in which case they wouldn't need it. Why? Case Data has been used in Ethics and Justice actions and been disseminated abroad despite LRH Policy to the contrary. Threats of denial of the bridge have been used to control people. These things would tend to make a Pc or Pre OT withhold. If only his connections or opinions. To the degree a Pc or Pre OT is withholding he will not get case gain. (Ref the Basic Auditing Series and many other LRH issues.) Auditing prices of up to 4000 an intensive do nothing to encourage a Pc or Pre OT to get off W\Hs or get handled what he needs to before his OT levels.

Unfortunately some Pcs, Pre OTs and students have come to depend on the Org. It is interesting to note: "Those things upon which the individual is depending are those things which have a command value over him."

"That person who has most evaluated for the individual is that person whose viewpoint the individual is liable to have. We used to call this valence shifting. We can still call it that but it's actually an enforcement of viewpoint." LRH ASSOCIATE NEWSLETTER No. 4.

(The Tech Dictionary definition of Evaluation No. 4 is "The shifting of viewpoints or the effort to do so.")

"When a person is out of valence he does not easily As-is his bank." HCOB 2 Aug 69.

Thus even when he gets into session in the Org a Pc or Pre OT made withholdy, and slightly out of valence, now has a reduced chance of making the full gains available in auditing.

We have none of the above disadvantages in the field. A Pc or Pre OT can be himself, he can get off O\Ws without being vilified or gossipped about, he is not evaluated for, his bridge is not used to control him, he is not manhandled in Ethics if he complains, and all of LRH's Tech including Ethics and Justice is used, as it was intended, to improve conditions to the best of our ability.

Some of the comments above may be construed as an attack on the Org, they are not intended to be. The only legitimate target for any attack is the RTC who were and are 3rd partying the Org and the field. We are only concerned with delivering LRH technology, the handling of RTC we leave to others.

Love, Steve Bisbey.

P.S. Whatever happened to HCOB 10 Nov 1978R?

Write to: 52 West Hill, East Grinstead, West Sussex RH19.


Success: Advanced Level 5 Completion

"Well, this has certainly been the action for me in my years of Scientology. From now on my decisions will be my decisions and I will certainly not be buying someone else's viewpoint, on anything, unless I want it. I cannot stop marvelling at the genius of LRH and am forever thankful for what he has done. Many thanks to Steve and Morag for their excellent service, auditing and C\sing." Colin Mills.


Since the E.G. Independent group opened the following completions have been achieved: 3 reviews; 2 Ad level 5 reviews; 2 Ad level reviews; 1 Solo set-ups; 4 Clears!; 2 Solo courses; 2 End of Endless Int Rds; 2 Ad level 1; 1 Ad level 2; 1 Ad level 3; 2 Ad level 5 Drug Rds; 2 Ad level 5! Nine pre-OTs have been receiving Advanced level 5 with excellent results. (I don't say "NOTs" because that's a trade-mark!)

Dear Student,

Do you have any failed purposes on becoming an auditor? Do you need to complete any auditor training? This is to let you know that an evening courseroom is now available for study. It will be open each Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 8pm to 10.30pm.

The cost is 3 per evening's study and supervision. Reference books will be provided, but students are expected to supply their own checksheets and course packs. If you have difficulty in doing this, please let me know, and I will help you to obtain them.

Please telephone me on E.G. 313682 for more details on the courseroom, study, etc.

Let's finally CLEAR this planet!

Love, Irene Kaye, MCSC(Flag).

A.S.K. The Association for the Study of Knowledge

This association is being launched with great gusto by Eric and Vicky Ballard. Vicky is an FEBC, auditor, on NOTs, a very experienced and successful disseminator who has started and run groups and put many new feet onto the Bridge. Eric is an OEC, Flag trained C\S and Auditor who has held posts in every division of the organisation.


Their immediate plans are:

A. Making legal advice available to anyone who is being threatened for using workable technology.
B. Collecting a library of books to make wisdom available to all who seek for it.
C. Opening of centres where people can ASK and get their questions answered with workable technology.
D. Making available consultancies and counselling for problems with children's education, business, marriage, personal finances, health, communication, religion, and anything else!
E. Delivering the Bridge at low rates to actually support planetary dissemination activities.
F. Helping you to achieve your goals of disseminating using workable technology - tried and proven!

ASK urgently needs books to stock the library, should anyone have any that they could donate. ASK has already had a dissemination first, with Eric and Vicky being invited to address the sixth form of a Sussex school on the subject of Scientology. Meanwhile, their phone line is open to you. Their course room and Qual facilities are open to you. Their help is available. Phone Crawley 882524. Write to: ASK, 21 Wellington Close, Pound Hill, Crawley, West Sussex.



We had a very speedy journey from resignation to allegiance to those people who make up the Independent Groups. It was very difficult to conceive of freedom from our past restraints without the idea of auditing bursting in on us. So in a matter of hours we knew it was back to the tech and back to the auditing room. We will again be able to audit people and there is no more enjoyable task.

We look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to phone East Grinstead 22731 and let us know what is needed and wanted and generally exchange news and comm.

Much love from A and K Boland (both OTIII and Class IV).


Robin Scott has made agreements to become an Advanced Ability Center. John Nelson of AAC Santa Barbara was over in January, and gave a talk to a group of East Grinstead Scientologists about the flood of pc's and students on AAC lines. He then flew to Scotland and was so impressed with Candacraig that he offered Robin affiliation to AAC. Candacraig will remain an Independent centre, with the advantage of a direct comm line to Snr C\S Int, David Mayo. For more information write to: Candacraig, Strathdon, Aberdeenshire, AB3 8XT, or phone 09752 378.

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"What is true for you is what you have observed yourself. And when you lose that you have lost everything." LRH, "Personal Integrity."

Martin Ruston is acting as the AAC's communication relay point for the UK and Europe.

The AACis interested in affiliations with any delivery group that can meet the requirements of trained staff and upstat premises. Two types of affiliation are being offered. 1. A complete and full affiliation to the AAC where David Mayo would be responsible for overseeing the purity of the Tech. for that group. 2. An affiliation that implies a connection or supporting role, but without David being responsible for their Tech.

Martin can give help and advice to any interested group delivering, or wanting to deliver. If you want to know how to get to the AAC Santa Barbara for services or any have any queries about their services, or want to know if there are any AAC affiliated groups operating near you, please contact him at 1st Floor Constitutional Buildings, High Street, East Grinstead. Phone (0342) 27697 office hours.