Prices for Scientology Services and Materials

Many Scientology services and materials are surprisingly expensive.

These prices were listed in various Scientology publications, including Scientology magazines such as Celebrity, Advance, Freewinds, and Source. Entries marked "AOLA Price List" appeared in the 2006 ASHO Foundation Price Sheet and Order Form.

Although the prices are often described as donations, the services are not delivered without the designated payment. However, discounts are often available - and in fact, the prices listed here are usually the Lifetime Member Discount Price, since most Scientologists are likely to be Lifetime Members at the time they pay for these services.

Prices vary over time and sometimes by location - a service delivered at a local org may cost less than the same service delivered at ASHO or Flag.

Some highlights: Purification RundownOT IIIL 12TRs & ObjectivesPTS/SP services

Service or Material Price Publication Approxdate Copyright Date Stats
BASIC STUDY MANUAL $240.00 AOLA Price List 1991-11-01 1991
BASIC STUDY MANUAL $350.00 Celebrity 333 2001-09-01 stats from this issue
BASIC STUDY MANUAL $160.00 Celebrity 353 2003-12-01 2003 stats from this issue
BASIC STUDY MANUAL $160.00 Celebrity 359 2004-07-01 2004 stats from this issue